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Interior designers are chosen for their expertise in a variety of styles and approaches and not just for their own personal vision. Therefore, we have to be able to balance our own tastes and our clients’ tastes-and be willing to put the clients’ tastes first. This can be frustrating for many designers in the profession but to thrive in this industry you must have the ability to balance the practical with the aesthetic, which is crucial to being a successful designer.

Gill says her design inspirations come from the vibrant exotic places in Asia where she has lived. Her simple decorating style is both stylized and personal and her advice practical. She approaches her interiors with an equal eye for function, comfort, and beauty and defines her style broadly as anything from stylish, contemporary, warm, welcoming, comfortable, classic, detailed, balanced, functional, and different. “Our habitats tell a lot about our personalities and who we are. They are as unique as our fingerprints so no two are ever the same. And if they ever are, well you can always come to us for a new look!”

Although GW Interiors manages large and small projects to equal success, we like to focus on providing a boutique style of service to our clients. “It is important to maintain a close relationship with my clients and listen to their needs says Gill. It is a very personal business when people let you into their homes and lives. There is a great deal of intimacy and trust involved which requires respect and sensitivity,” she says openly.

Gill is passionate about style and detail and carries with her an impressive knowledge of interior design that informs her everyday design decisions. Her designs can incorporate luxurious imported soft furnishings; to simple room revamp projects to total refurbishments and customized furniture packages for villas and hotels. By cultivating relationships over the years with exclusive island wide suppliers, we can bring something unique to our clients.